JOC AVIATION SOLUTION is able to offer all the services required by aeronautical regulation part 121, 129, 135. We can prepare a personalized offer based on the specific request of the aircraft owner or operator of the aircraft.

  • Development of the Aircraft Maintenance Program.
  • Preparation of technical manuals.
  • Planning scheduled maintenance.
  • Review and control of the Airworthiness Directive.
  • Review and control of the Service Bulletin.
  • Review and control of NTC's.
  • Fleet reliability analysis.
  • Management of parts and components.
  • Certification processes.


JOC AVIATION SOLUTIONS has the right personnel to carry out periodic audits for the operator ;to verify the real status of the aircraft as well as to maintain the digital and physical technical records in a structured way w Our services include:

  • Physical inspection of aircraft.
  • Scanning of aircraft technical records.
  • Organization of aircraft technical records


Our staff has participated in processes of incorporation and departure of aircraft to the fleet, we understand the importance of incorporating the aircraft in adequate conditions and being able to return to service without setbacks.

For this purpose , JOC AVIATION SOLUTIONS provides the following services:

  • Analysis and verification of the delivery status or receipt of
  • Preparation of tailor-made work packages
  • Physical inspection of aircraft.
  • Review, organization and digitization of technical records.
  • Selection and recruitment MRO.
  • Identification and ordering of spare parts.